The creative problem solving skills required of an artist or crafts person to make their work are the same skills necessary for success in business.  Just as you have spent years honing your craft it takes time, dedication, and intention to build a business.  The key to determining your definition of success and achieving it is knowing what you want for yourself and for your work.

Business Time is a five day course designed to help participants set long term goals, understand the nature of their work and why they undertake it, select appropriate target audiences, and learn to use the tools necessary to achieve their goals.  This course is a foundation and is tailored to each participant individually.  Though the tools are the same for success in any marketplace, the way in which tools are used are as unique as the hands that wield them.





Structure of a Business

Incorporation vs. Sole Proprietorship

Goal Setting – Short, Middle, & Long-term

Product Identification

Costs of Production

Marketing & Corporate Missions

Target Audience Identification

Social Media Pros & Cons

Pricing & Sales

Mutually Beneficial Business Partners

Basic Accounting

Basic Legal Necessities

Introduction to Financial Planning

Artistic Intentions

… and More

We offer Business Time classes through community based organizations and non-profits.  These 5 day intensives are intended to provide a firm foundation in business practices for artists, designers, and small manufacturers.  Contact us for upcoming classes, to inquire about hosting a Business Time course, or fees for individual consultation.