Connection Through Service

As the cost of living and operating has increased dramatically in recent years the need for services provided by non-profits has increased as well.  PS Marlowe believes that non-profits should not be forced to earn their operating budgets off of the community they serve rather they should be incorporated into the fabric of their community to support one another.

We help non-profits understand the history of their service and assess current and future needs within the community before embarking on vision and strategic planning.  We understand that community service does not always have a liner path to be funded, promoted, or even implemented.  Organizations often become islands within a community and as supporters age their funding slowly becomes less reliable.

Identifying partners, sympathetic organizations, and symbiotic relationships in the business community is key to preventing organizational isolation and ensuring long-term survival of non-profits.

Many non-profits are founded by a passionate individual or collective that pours their hearts into serving their community.  This energy is not self sustaining and as goals are met and successes achieved it can be difficult for a founder to set new goals for a future they will not be a part of.  PS Marlowe has a special interest in helping organizations overcome the challenges posed by Founder’s Syndrome in a way that honors the founders while evolving the vision to serve future generations.

Our history with the incorporation, management, leadership transitions, vision planning, board development, and funding of non-profit museums, schools, community centers, residency programs, and arts & social service organizations means we are empathetic to the unique difficulties facing non-profits today.  The twenty first century has already ushered in massive changes to the ways we communicate, connect, and see one another.  We need our community organizations now more than ever to be the steady hand showing us who we are and who we can become.  We believe that connection to one another comes through service.  We serve as a guiding force for non-profits to achieve long-term financial stability and a lasting affect on their community.

PS Marlowe provides services at a discounted rate to all non-profits.  Service fees vary and are provided after initial consultation.