Releasing Potential

When discussing philanthropy many assume we are referring to a small group of extraordinarily wealthy people.  Though these individuals may fit one definition, philanthropy does not have a price tag associated with it.  Philanthropy, patronage, and board service are one in the same.  We help our clients turn their business successes into community support through direct giving, service donations, and mentor-ship.

For individual donors, we facilitate identifying organizations in need, symbiotic business partnerships, and potential public/private collaborations.  We work with clients to ensure that they remain involved with organizations in ways that consider their own needs and constraints on their time.  Giving does not have to become another career.

For corporate giving we support the belief that philanthropy is a good business practice.  When communities are healthier, more educated, and have access to cultural enrichment they become generators of a more creative and proactive workforce.  The future of any company is tied to the health of the communities they work and do business with.  We help corporations identify areas of philanthropic support that align with their missions, create high level introductions with organizations in need, and can act as a proxy providing anonymity and privacy.

For individual collectors, we help focus acquisitions towards building collections that can make a significant impact culturally and progress towards opening up to the public or serve as a gift to an institution.  We believe that collectors differ greatly from patrons and that every collector can become a patron.  Patronage is not just supporting an artist’s work today, it is supporting the potential in the work they have yet to create.  When buying art from an artist that is no longer living you are verifying the cultural contribution the artist made in their time as well as making a financial investment.  When buying art from living artists you are investing in the positive growth of culture.  The return on that investment should not be considered monetarily, rather in terms of cultural impact.

For non-profit organizations we serve to identify mutually beneficial partnerships, corporate donors, individual supporters, and groups of individuals looking to further the mission and programming of an organization.  We generate marketing strategies, plan fundraisers, write grants, and build boards.  We believe that programming should be the primary focus of every non-profit, however the current economic climate has made fundraising just as important or more so for many organizations.  Getting outside help with fundraising is one way of putting programming first.  PS Marlowe’s experience in the non-profit world is extensive and we offer subsidized rates to non-profits in need.